Medical Billing and Coding

We offer Medical Billing Services customized to suit your needs. We expertise in providing medical billing services for a wide range of specialties ranging from Gastrology, Radiology, Pediatrics, Pain Management, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Urgent Care, Nephrology, Mental Health, Urology, Cardiology and many more.

Our staff is well trained to provide you with accurate billing and coding solutions. We aim at maximizing your reimbursement and cutting overhead costs. We also provide other computer and internal network needs at affordable prices. Our medical billing service ensures that you are freed with hassles of managing medical billing.

We have several experienced, certified EHR and medical billing process experts. Our professional and experienced billers are well versed with all the “Do’s and Don’ts” of clean insurance claims. Our expert service offers a better solution by utilizing high-end technologies.

Why choose us

You can reap following benefits by working with us-
• Your operational cost is reduced.
• We ensure that there are no or reduced payer denials.
• We work to improve cash flow substantially.
• We ensure maximized reimbursement of claims.
• Benefit from robust analytics and reporting
• Regardless of the size of practice, our team of certified medical billing specialists aims at improving your service quality.
• There is no start-up cost.
• You need not buy any software.
• We provide database and practice set up.
• We offer 24 hours a day 7 days per week Internet access to your practice data.
• We offer 24 hours a day 7 days per week Internet access to practice schedule.
• We offer documentation audits.
• We also provide regular review and update of fee schedules.
• We ensure that correct and effective insurance claims are submitted.
• Immediate notification to front office in case of any missing information which could delay the processing of the claim. It ensures that claim is timely processed.
• We provide statistical reporting.
• We ensure immediate closure of paid claims as well as appeal of denied claims.
• We ensure that insurance payments are timely and accurately posted.
• We check and correct missing patient details.
• We ensure that reports are delivered through email so that the collection status of medical billing is updated timely.
• We also provide daily analysis of Insurance Ageing Report.
• We offer collection services for claims.

Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription, also known as MT, is an allied health profession. Record of medical data is also critical for medical research. Medical transcription has made it easy to keep records with minimum storage. It is a process which converts voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians or other healthcare professionals, into text format. Medical transcription has made it easy to keep records without leakage. It helps medical professionals to complete the task of patient information management
system without being worried about it. We as a premier Medical Transcription Service provider offer you complete solution to
your medical transcription needs. Innovation, efficiency and highly expertise team ensure that you get best in the industry. Our priority is an outstanding customer service which is based on high quality and custom made to fit every client.

Why Choose Us

We are one of the leading medical transcription services.

• Our services are cost effective.
• We offer 12 -24 hrs TAT.
• We ensure privacy of all the medical records and data.
• We have a streamlined workflow process to reduce the time and increase security and efficiency.
• We ensure physical security of your data as we use latest security software.
• Our encryption protocol is world class.
• We offer 24/7 data security.
• Our staff is trained attained on any security updates and they efficiently follow all the guidelines.
• We offer audit trail documentation with every report.
• With us you get HIPAA compliant processes for your data security.
• We regularly do Quality review of reports.
• Our solutions are customizable to fit with each and every clients need.
• We offer real time monitoring of dictated jobs and transcribed reports.
• We ensure highest level of accuracy of the medical records.
• We offer a secure and experienced workforce of medical transcriptionists who can meet ever growing standard of medical transcription industry.